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MAG Member 2021 Photos & Artwork

Photos just for sharing and fun!  Since we can't get together and share our paintings in person, we thought it would be nice to post images on the Website, work in progress or finished -- for critique, painting names, sharing of ideas and techniques. Whatever you like!




What I would like from others?
Critique, possible names etc
Info. My photo reference. 
Watercolor with some pro-white. Sz. 15 x 15
Colors used: Green mixes Lime green, hooker’s green, gamboge, bismuth yellow, ultramarine blue,deep sap green, Payne’s gray, Indathone blue , shadow green
Red mixes: Q magenta, Opera, Permanent Rose, Q violet, Q Rose,Mauve & some blues listed above

Darcie Kurtak




No name, I painted this for someone, but I'm going to do another one similar to use for a MAG show.  Would like suggestions on a smoother sky (although the photo is much grainier than the original).  I try stretching the paper ahead of time, it still buckles and paint pools in the ridges, so I end up going back and fixing -- the best way I can fix is to do color stripes, but on the next one I'd like a smoother sky!  I watch instructors and they do such a good job on skies, it's always been a challenge for me.


Colors:  Ocean: Pthalo Green, Pthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Neutral Tint (Paynes Grey). Rocks: Pthalo Blue, Quin Magenta, Neutral Tint. Sky: Cerulean Blue, Pthalo Blue, Quin Magenta, Lavender. Also used White Gouache for wave and highlights (also fixing sky!)










Sailboat Sketch

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